Equipment and Services

Services provided by the Institute include applied scientific research, experimental development and studies of technical feasibility in the following areas:

  • Assessment of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment;
  • Medical electronics, wireless sensors and their networks, recording of multichannel biosignals streams, hardware design;
  • 2D and 3D medical image processing, segmentation, modelling, parametrisation and classification;
  • Application and development of ultrasound diagnostic methods;
  • Processing of synchronously recorded multimodal biosignals and extraction of diagnostic information, development of new methods.
  • Medical visualisation equipment:
    • Ultrasound scanner with full primary data collection (Ultrasonix);
    • Ultrasound phantoms, amplifiers, transducers;
    • Thermal imaging camera (FLIR).
  • Bio physiological signal acquisition equipment:
    • Various sensors, multichannel amplifiers, primary signal acquisition and processing software;
    • Breath gas analysis equipment.
  • Prototype production equipment:
    • Soldering equipment;
    • PCB production equipment (LPKF);
    • Signal generators, oscilloscopes.
  • Testing equipment:
    • Equipment for medical hardware technical assessment;
    • Signal simulators.

Prof Dr Vaidotas Marozas

tel. 8 (37) 407 118

Julija Kravčenko
Technology Transfer Specialist

tel. +370 698 57 989