Institute’s Researchers Paper on the Cover of International “MDPI Diagnostics” Journal

Important | 2020-03-02

The paper “Quantification of Endogenous Brain Tissue Displacement Imaging by Radiofrequency Ultrasound” was published by researchers of Biomedical engineering institute (researcher Mindaugas Baranauskas, PhD student Monika Makūnaitė and senior researcher Rytis Jurkonis) in international open access journal “MDPI Diagnostics” (ISSN 2075-4418; CODEN: DIAGC9). The purpose of this paper is a quantification of displacement parameters used in the imaging of brain tissue endogenous motion using ultrasonic radiofrequency (RF) signals.

Ultrasonic mapping of confident displacements in coronal plane of brain presented in paper was elected to become a cover of the magazine. Congratulations to our colleagues on publishing another successful article!

Publication link: