Software Developed by the Institute Researchers Available at PhysioNet

Important | 2021-09-27

Model for simulating electrocardiographic and photoplethysmographic signals with cardiac arrhythmia episodes developed by our colleagues from KTU Biomedical Engineering Institute dr. Andrius Sološenko, dr. Andrius Petrėnas, PhD student Birutė Paliakaitė, and dr. Vaidotas Marozas in collaboration with dr. Leif Sörnmo from Lund University, Sweden is now available at PhysioNet. The model and its related software are particularly useful when developing and testing arrhythmia detectors. We are happy that the developed tool is now accessible to the scientific community via Physionet, which is a well-known repository of freely-available medical research data and software, managed by the MIT Laboratory for Computational Physiology.

The model can be accessed here: