Visit of the United Kingdom Company THAY Medical

Important | 2019-02-18

A lecture “Human Factors Engineering in Medical Devices” was held by Greg Thay, the founder and managing director of THAY Medical, and Vaidotas Nenorta, human factors engineer at THAY Medical and Biomedical Engineering Master’s degree graduate of Kaunas University of Technology, on the 14th of February at KUT Santaka Valley. At first, Greg Thay introduced his company and a discipline of human factors engineering as well as its importance in healthcare today. Greg’s mission is to combine engineering, psychology and healthcare to help develop user-friendly medical technologies. During the second part of the lecture, Vaidotas Nenorta shared his career story, which started in the United Kingdom just after his master’s studies.  Vaidotas changed three jobs before he was noticed by Greg Thay and employed at THAY Medical after sending about 500 CVs from his LinkedIn account. Former KUT student was pleased to return to his alma mater and share his knowledge not only with current student but also with his former teachers.

The lecture was finished with questions from the audience. Students were interested in internship and employment opportunities at THAY Medical. Greg assured that these opportunities are real since the company is expanding in Northern Europe. He noticed that the most important attribute of THAY Medical future employee is a passion for human factors engineering.

The link to the company’s site: