The internship of Institute researchers at TU Wien

Important | 2023-03-17

Prof. Vaidotas Marozas and dr. Andrius Rapalis, the researchers of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, did their internship at the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien) at 27/02/2023 – 06/01/2023.  During the internship, under the guidance of prof. Eugenijus Kaniušas, and in cooperation with partners from the Medical University of Vienna and the Private University of Danube, the researchers conducted pilot studies on the synchronization of the autonomic nervous system “Synchronized excitation of heart rate variability in pairs of dancers”.


During the visit to Vienna, the researchers participated in a meeting with Ambassador Lina Rukštelienė, at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Austria. During the meeting, the possibilities of Lithuanian and Austrian academic cooperation in the fields of biomedical and bioengineering sciences were discussed. The ambassador also participated as a guest in the lecture “Photoplethysmography, Wearable Devices and Selected Applications” by V. Marozas at the TU Wien Institute of Biomedical Electronics.