Updated Biomedical Engineering Master’s study program

Important | 2020-06-03

We are happy to share an important message! In 2020, the Biomedical Engineering Master’s Programme will be upgraded with 3 new specialized courses, given by the researchers of KTU Biomedical Engineering Institute!

Biomedical engineers should understand the process of bringing a new biomedical device to the market, which covers many topics, from the generation of relevant ideas to biomedical product development, regulation, and safety issues. This will be discussed in the course Biomedical Technology Management.

Knowledge and practical experience related to the design and simulation of modern biomedical devices will be gained by studying the course Design of Biomedical Devices.

The principles of biomedical process modeling, which are necessary to know when solving biomedical problems, will be introduced in the course Identification of Biomedical Processes.

For further information please contact the coordinator of the Biomedical Engineering Master’s Programme prof. Vaidotas Marozas vaidotas.marozas@ktu.lt