Conference „Computing in Cardiology 2019“, Singapore

Important | 2019-10-03

On 2019 September 8-11, the Institute director Vaidotas Marozas attended a conference “Computing In Cardiology – CinC’2019”, Singapore ( with a report:

Photoplethysmogram Signal Morphology-Based Stress Assessment / M. Rinkevicius, S. Kontaxis, E. Gil, R. Bailon, J. Lazaro, P. Laguna, V. Marozas

This is joint work with a research team led by prof. Pablo Laguna from the University of Zaragoza (Spain). The annual conferences “Computing In Cardiology” are of a high standard. They bring together world-class researchers working on biomedical engineering techniques to solve cardiology problems.

The first author of the report is Mantas Rinkevičius, a first-year student of the “Biomedical Engineering” study program at KTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics. His contribution to this report is crucial. We are pleased that hard-working and motivated students work with us.